God knows Jesus E. Campa

God sent him! The Sinners wanted him gone.  The true Jesus E. Campa

Faith is Amats

I make all things new

"One of the best stories I have ever hear and it brings a tear to your eyes," stated Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa

Dr. Gibson speaks truth to power

Dr. Gibson speaks about the value Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa brought to the City of Marshall and to him as a friend.  

TD Jakes and Jesus "Eddie" Campa talk

Impactful words by TD Jakes 

ETBU President Dr. Blackburn

Dr. Blackburn speaks about his friendship and respect for Jesus "Eddie" Campa

The World hated Jesus and it will hate you

"If the world hated Jesus why would we think the world would accept us?" Stated Jesus "Eddie" Campa

Robert Evens speaks about Leadership

"No man is greater than any man.  We all have made mistakes and we will keep making mistakes.  The key is that we are all children of God, and we are not to judge out fallow man," stated Chief Jesus "Eddie" Campa.